The InBetween

We add sneak peaks of our new songs we are currently in the studio recording each week to social media. This is also where you can get to know The Inbetween, find out what our songs mean to us, and what inspired each one. We can be found on Sound Cloud under The Inbetween2 and you canfFollow us on Facebook: The InBetween.

We are an expiremental rock fusion band that incorporates elements from nearly every genre! We started ina large closet of our home where we set up our studio. Ironically, we played our sets in our garage. At the time we felt would go no where but the bar at the end of the road. Now we are touring all of East Texas, we are releasing our first album this summer, and we have an amazing group of followers that support us. Life is good!

Inside Out will be released June 11, 2018. This album represents our struggles, passions, and dilemmas. We recorded our hearts and souls and put in this album for all of you. We can only hope it means as much to you as it does to us.:

We are touring East Texas from February to June. We recently added new light bars and lasers to our live show for your enjoyment. We will be giving out free stickers and there will be merchandise drawings, but you must be present at the time of the drawing. Here is a list of concert dates:

Shows and updates will be posted here weekly! We invite everyone to join us on this journey. You definitely will not want to miss it. Make sure to check in for any changes to tour dates and activities.